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Special offer for emerging bands wishing to promote themselves in This Is ROCK magazine.

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Special offer for emerging bands wishing to promote themselves in This Is ROCK magazine.

We want to present the spanish leading music monthly magazine: This Is Rock. The magazine door in Spain and Portugal for emerging rock bands devoted to Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Prog Rock, Blues…

How to sell in Spain and Portugal?
Today you don’t need a national distributor, since most of them only work with shops like El Corte Inglés or FNAC, which are not exactly where rock and metal fans buy their records. We have an incredibly wide range of online shops like Amazon (with its different shops by country with very cheap shipping costs or free), Dodax, Discogs, eBay, JPC, EMP, Nuclear Blast, Napalm Records … And not forgetting other distributors like Bertus, suppliers to all small shops and online retailers, band online shops, Bandcamp… And of course, the whole digital stream pacjage.

Communicate your own existence as Band
Today it is vital to communicate your own existence as a band, and to make sure that your album is present on one of these sites for sale, and to advertise them in your campaigns.

What does This Is ROCK offer YOU?
We offer you the possibility to make yourself known to our readers, along with the insertion of an advertising page, a review of your album and an interview (subject to prior approval).

How much does it cost?
For only 200 euros. Promotion limited to one insertion. You can purchase the space right here.

How does it develop?
Once you have purchased your space right here. As an emerging band, we believe that the best option is to extend the promotion to two issues, and thus broaden the impact on the reader. Limiting everything to one issue is not practical for a new band. First issue Full Page advert + Review, on next interview.

What are the dimensions of a page?
220 mm witdth x 300 mm height. Very similar to Classic Rock size. (+3 mm bleed, no layers, CMYK, 300 dpi, NO PDF, tiff/jpeg without compression. Do not place critical text or visuals within 5 mm of the trim and 3 mm of bleed. These elements may be lost when the magazine is cut and bound).

What more is needed?
We need to listen to the album you want to promote, for this we can use either cd, LP or digital preview. We also need high resolution photos of the cover and quality photos of the band (horizontal and vertical).